About Us

Cosmetechnology Beauty College

Since 1978
Founder: Ruth Hicks

On behalf of Cosmetechnology Cosmetology College and Hicks Total Transformations Product, I would like to personally thank you for allowing us the opportunity to introduce Cosmetechnology Beauty College to the global market. Since we first started in 1978, it's been Ruth's dream to make a special difference in people's lives through cosmetology and education; making a sincere commitment to our primary focus to foster and provide education and training for students in cosmetology and related areas. Such training will arm graduates with skills and abilities necessary to be competitive in the beauty industry entry-level positions.  With so much life-changing education already received by our wonderful customers and friends, we know that together we're on our way to realizing that dream now, with your help.

Our institution will consistently strive to be forerunner in the advancement and development of the standard of education and
instruction in the classroom. CBC will be a positive influence in the lives of countless students each year as they pursue their dreams of independence. CBC intends on not only affecting the lives of students but also thousands of clients whom they will serve through their training and career.

After finishing Cosmetology School Ruth's career began in the U.S. at Glemby International, soon after she opened her first salon, "Fiera Beauty Salon," in a small U.S. town. She later moved to Europe where she resided for twenty-seven years. While there she owned a chain of beauty salons and barbershops throughout Germany. Ruth has participated in many competitions throughout Europe winning Black Trophy Mondale Coiffure Beate in Paris 3 years in a row, along with the Deusche Cat Meisterchaft two times gold medal. In addition, Ruth worked in Profiwella Chemical Lab, helping to develop hair products, working fourteen years internationally with Luster Products as a Technical Educator instructing stylists in London, Paris, Germany, and Amsterdam.  

When asked the reason for starting Cosmetechnology Beauty College and  Hicks Total Transformations, Ruth says "I want to simply help others continue to educate others, and produce hair care products that keep the hair healthy while looking good, because my decision, with the help of God, helped to establish my entire life.

Ruth has her Master Educator license, her goal is to start beauty colleges worldwide, and create best hair care products known to man while leaving a legacy behind that will continue to educate Cosmetologist worldwide.