Mission Statement

CBC Misson:
To equip Cosmetology bound secondary students with a career that will bw filled with unlimited potential, in the scientific study at which you choose whether it be hair, skin, or nails.

Our goal is to take CBC graduates among the elite in directions that holds the possibility to make you a confident, succesful professional. To offer an exceptional learning experience of, "HEAR IT, SEE IT, DO IT."
To offer active workbook study that allow the student and the Master Educator to work together to learn valuable techniques needed in the beauty industry.

We offer Professional Business self-motivation, technical skills, and effective communication through theory and practical experiences.

Hands on Training for students to have a professional experience in our practical classrooms to equip them to become a professional Cosmetologist, Esthetical, Natural Hair Care Specialist, Master Educator, or Nail Technician. 

GPA motivation will assist in strengthening student grade point average, attendance, and job placement, upon completion.

We will offer a business fundamental course: Considering how the field of cosmetology is growing and advancing, the various paths that a professional may take are rapidly expanding and may soon be limitless.  Cosmetechnology Beauty College believes education is the process that narrows the gap that exists in all of us and our economy.

State Board Exam Upon completing the course of study, we will fully assist student in passing the final written and practical exam before graduation.

Upon Completion and passing the State Board Exam your licensure as a Professional leads to career opportunities as a, Salon Technician, Stylist, Platform Artist, Salon Owner, Education Consultant. We understand that you will play an important role in the lives of your clients. They will come to rely on you to provide them with ongoing service, enabling them to look and feel their best. 
Become a professional in the worldwide Beauty Industry field of Cosmetology.