Master Educator Trainee Program

Welcome to the wonderful world of teaching. Making the decision to pursue the career of an Educator in Cosmetology and related fields is an important one. To educate means to train by formal instructions and supervised practice especially in a skill, trade or profession. As an educator your focus will be to provide education and training in cosmetology and related areas. Your Course of study will include:

  • History of Teaching
  • Profiles of a Master Educator
  • Dynamic Program Study
  • Education Aids
  • Teaching Skills and Presentation Technique
  • Results Oriented Classroom Management
  • Industry Needs
  • Teaching a Dynamic Clinic
  • Teaching to Diverse Learning Styles
  • Powerful Teaching
Admission Requirements for Instructor Training Program
1. Must be a licensed Cosmetologist, Nail Technician, or Esthetician.
2. Must provide proof of being a standard high school graduate or GED recipient.
3. Must provide a valid driver's license or photo ID and a social security card.
4. Must complete and submit: Completed Cosmetechnology Beauty College application with a $100 non-refundable application fee*
5. Be approved for acceptance by the school. The school does not recruit students already attending or admitted to another school offering the same course of study.
6. Complete all financial arrangements, applications, and paperwork. In the case you withdraw from the course, no hours or academics will be released until all financial obligations are met.

Course Info

Cosmetology Teacher Trainee

Course #0CTT001
Duration: 800 Hours
Cost: $7,825,00

Esthetic Teacher Trainee

Course #ETT003
Duration: 650 Hours
Cost: $7,825,00

Natural Hair Care Teacher Trainee

Course #NHTT005
Duration: 320 Hours
Cost: $6,825,00

Nail Technology Teacher Trainee

Course #NTT009
Duration: 320 Hours
Cost: $6,825,00